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Talking about Is the Internet dumbing us down? – The Practical Futurist-

I think maybe if people had to be creative in their spare time then more work would get done on this big ole planet and surely some of it would have to be good and helpful. So while the stuff on the net from web 2.0 may be of a lesser quality, now, than what big media companies can produce at least it was put out there by people who live in the real world and arent getting overpaid to provide in a way for their fellow man that should be considered a priviledge. In some countries, supposedly not ours though, you can die for writing a poem. Entertaining the masses is a priviledge and you shouldnt need to get paid for it. When you go demanding something for your creative work, other than the joy from other people enjoying your work, then it becomes all about getting and not about giving. Thats the true destructor of our culture. We have become a nation bent on getting more, more, more and giving less and less and less. Actually, I guess thats a worldwide problem. What will happen when the big mass media companies go bust? We, the masses, will finally stop having a few peoples ideas of morals, values and entertainment fobbed of on us in the name of popular culture. We wont have to read about strange peoples pregnancies and extra-marital affairs and boob jobs because if those people want to remain popular they are going to really have to work at producing something creative on their own right in their own time. Maybe if they had less free time on their hands, the free time big media(your money) buys them then they wouldnt be able to mess their lives up so badly. People who download and disseminate freely instead of buying could be doing some bleached blondes in Hollywood a real favor. Celebrities always claim its the fans (they wouldnt flat out say its really the money of the fans) who keep them going and I am sure it is the same for web 2.0 contributors. Only web 2.0 contributors dont have their hands out for a donation, I mean payment for their creative work. Big media is a pimp and celebrities and paid entertainers and paid artists are whores. I mean if someone told you, ”I can show you a real good time. I’ll take your mind off your troubles for sure. I only need 19.95$ to get started big boy.” then you would know you were looking a whore in the face. Doesnt mass media make the same demand when you cant enjoy the pleasures they offer for free? Those people are riding a wave of riches propelled by the ignorancy of the public. I also want to ask people, ”Why are you letting a handful of people, in positions of power, choose what songs you can hear, what books you can watch and what action you can see on the big screen or in your own home? Assuming you own your own home and you arent one of those slacker subprime defaulters who are determined to be the financial death of our country. I better get back to work myself…so I can afford the time to express myself creatively without whoring myself to the public.


Is the Internet dumbing us down? – The Practical Futurist-

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